Welcome to the website of Stephen Pullen, the Lincolnshire motoring and engineering author/historian. Eventually it is hoped to build up an archive here of all the engineering activities that have taken place in the county over the years.

It has always annoyed Stephen that most people from outside the county have the impresssion that Lincolnshire is completely flat and that it's only export is potatoes! Nothing could be further from the truth!

In Victorian times the county became a centre for the production of steam powered vehicles and agricultural equipment. During the First World War the city of Lincoln became a world leader in the production of aircraft, and also produced the world's first military tank. The name "TANK" was even coined here!

Other products produced here over the years include cars, motorbikes, lorries, bicycles, ploughs, motor tractors, bombs, ships, boats, road rollers, gas turbines, railway locomotives, crop sprayers, bulldozers, cranes, excavators and stationary engines (steam, oil and petrol) to name but a few!

These are very much early days with this site, so if you come across any problems please get in touch.


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